first set up with roland vs840 and midisport

hi… im a first time user.i have a roland vs840ex thats been converted to sd card,i also have a midisport m-audio 2x2 interface and audicity.i have inserted midisport interface into usb as instuctions state,that lights up and works fine…and the roland vs840 is on and working fine…question is,how do i get the songs ive recorded on the roland crossed over onto audicity?..i have it all conected up via midi cable,just need to know if there are any special settings i need to make as i cant seem to get it to cross over

thank for any tips in advance


Since Audacity doesn’t deal with MIDI, you need to get the work to play into the computer sound system and then set Audacity to record “sound playing on the computer.” And hope the two system don’t conflict with each other.

If the work is playing on an external sound system, then you need a way to get that sound connected to your computer without using Mic-In.

So where is the sound?