first recording of a very beginner

hello everybody, thanks for helping me
Windows 10, 64 bit
i couldnt find the 3 section version number from “Help menu>About Audacity”
please forgive me, i am just a very beginner without any former knowledge about this technology

  1. does Audacity record the sound and all the images of the site i am watching?

  2. do i just clic the red recording button and it records everything?, or have i to fix some settings to Audacity do what i want?

  3. does Audacity give me a normal file to have it in my hard disk?

please in case that these answers are already in the FAQ, just only show me where i read them
thousand thanks and excuse my lack of knowledge

kaixo zer moduz

If you click on “About Audacity” in the Audacity Help menu, it opens a screen with information about Audacity. At the top of that screen it says the version number.

Audacity only records when you press the Record button, and only records from the recording device selected in the Device Toolbar. Audacity cannot record images.

No, Audacity records into an “Audacity Project”. To get a normal audio file you must “Export” (from the “File” menu). See:

To record sound that is playing on your computer, see here: