First project - Saved Incorrecly

Hi All

Sorry for amateur day question, but recorded my fest project last week and instead of exporting to audio file i did a “save as” which created hundreds of folders and sub folders loaded with .AU files. i now need to somehow open them all up and save the project properly by exporting to an audio file. but cant seem to find a way to re-import/re-open all the .AU files from all the folders created.


You should not be messing with all those little .au files in that folder - as well as your folder you should also have a file woth extension .aup following the project name you gave it. This is a file that Audacity uses to manage all the littlle .au files for you. And that’s the file you should open with Audacity.

See this page in the audacity Manual:


There is/are no .AUP files anywhere i can see. Again, just a folder, underneath which there are maybe 20 sub folders, each containing a bunch of .AU files.

Is it possible that Windows is hiding filename extensions? (Windows does that by default, but I always change it.) Do you remember the file name?

…You may be out of luck, but you can try [u]Automatic Recovery[/u] or [u]Manual Recovery[/u]