First 'official' master

Using a lot of what I’ve learned here I’ve started recording an audiobook with the intention of submitting it to ACX. It’s a WWII memoir written by my wife’s Uncle . The Kindle edition is in final preparation and should become available in a month or two.

Would you please listen to the mastered mp3 file of the prologue? It’s only about 40 seconds long. I’d appreciate any feedback.

The mp3 is available here:


I can’t find anything wrong with it. It hits all three ACX specifications. I like that you didn’t smash the life out of the silent stretches, that I can hear you moving and just a hint of real life background noise. I can hear you breathing. You’re human!!

ACX is going to listen to it before accepting it and I believe they need a 15 minute voice test clip with room tone. Check with them.

Room Tone isn’t hard. Open for normal recording and stay stock still and hold your breath for two or three seconds. One poster insisted on fidgeting in their chair and the clothing noises ruined the test.

So whatever you’re doing, it must have worked.

If you have a second, can you tell us how you shot it? Pretend I want to buy the same microphone, etc, etc. Microphone noises and background noises kill many performances.


Thanks for the kind words Koz, I appreciate you taking the time to listen!

It was a shock. It’s not normal for somebody to drop a clip on us that I can’t find anything to fix.
Now, about that description of how you shot it.


OK, I think I get the link now. You’re using an AT-2035. But you can’t plug one of those into a MacBook Pro. How did you get there? Koz

My tool chain is:

AT-2035 and pop filter enclosed in a Monoprice Isolation Shield feeding a Shure X2U preamp into an an older dual-core Macbook Pro.

I’m fortunate to have access to a small office with no windows, one in which I can turn off the air conditioner and the desktop computer. I record after business hours when the parking lot is pretty much empty and there are no people around.

I record with the laptop about five feet away sitting on an office chair. I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to control the laptop. I forget the exact settings I’m using, but I got them from this forum. I use high and low pass filters and a little bit of compression.

Thank you. I really need to dig out my X2U and see if it’s susceptible to The Great USB Noise Problem.

So in essence, you’re recording in a time-share studio. When the sun comes up, you turn into a pumpkin. Your fame and fortune could come from renting out your studio if your voice talent isn’t appreciated.

“Oh, you’re having ACX noise problems? How sad. You know, I have a studio…”