First full audio book is available. :)


again, I cannot thank the generous Audacity team enough.

My first, full book is now avaialble for purchase.

All of it recorded, edited and mastered with Audacity.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

So they said yes.


Well done! Would you consider a donation when you have some sales under your belt?

Can you give us a mention in a comment there? :wink:


What’s the next book?


I suspect air conditioning the studio is going to take priority over discretionary distributions.
LA has had 90 (32C) degree-days already. Do you still have to come out every five minutes or so and gasp for air?


Thanks, all.

Oh, I’ve mentioned Audacity a few times but I will, by all means do so again. We were trying to figure out if I could actually do it on the recording itself but we narrators don’t usually get to do such things. :frowning:

(Edit - I’ve now made it a permanent part of the information on my page). :slight_smile:

As for a donation, as soon as you all snap up the book, spread the word and give glowing reviews, I’ll have the money for a donation! :wink: But seriously, as soon as I DO have money I shall do.

And yes, cooling is still a high priority. My new roommate came home to find me almost passed out in the hall after managing to record three chapters of the next book. Heh. Really, really NOT fun.

Speaking of the next one, I’ve added the introduction to the VO Demos on my Voice page. I also added a humourous version done in “Scouse”. :wink:

Finally, I’ve been told twice in the past two weeks that The Big Thread has helped two people as they actually had the strength and patience to go through it and learnt a lot. Yay! That is so wonderful to hear. :slight_smile:

Finally, finally, for those who did help me so much in that thread, Gale, Steve, Robert (and anybody I’m forgetting), please PM me your Amazon / Audible e-mail addresses. Koz, you should have already checked your e-mail, slacker.


Lying semi-comatose in front of the steaming microphone, a half drunk class of Welches grape juice spilled nearby staining the script pages.

I can paint with verbs…

Koz, you should have already checked your e-mail, slacker.

I had to get rid of my slacker account. It crashed too often.

I did check it. Christmas in March.

Thank you.


Haha, you are most welcome. :slight_smile:

The second full audio book is now available. :slight_smile:

Still fully recorded, edited and mastered with Audacity.

I even recorded a promo video with Audacity for it:

The one thing I was unable to do was to include my thanks (and directions to) the Audacity software, forum and team. :frowning: It was rejected for not matching and the author was deep in the midst of selling their house / moving into their new one so I could not wait for him to change the text.

I SHALL get it in on the next one.