first 27 minutes missing

Hello ,
the first 27 minutes of my recorded set are missing , when i started my record it was recording on the soundbar , after 1h19m58s i stopped the record.

can somebody explaine this please , this is not the first time i had this.

With my set before there was no problem and never changed settings.

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What are you recording and how? Which computer and operating system and which Audacity? Pretend I’m trying to duplicate what you’re doing but here.


thanks for the reply ,

i’m using a JB systems USB audio converter , on a sony Vaio on windows 7 and lined into my mixer DJM700 , i’m mixing with multimediaplayers DenonSC3900( MP3(USB) )and also with vinyl , audacity version 2.1.0


The most likely explanation is that you installed Norton or some other cleanup application and are allowing it to delete your recorded files in the Audacity temporary folder.

In the Audacity menu, choose Edit > Preferences… then “Directories” to see the location of your Audacity temporary folder. If you type in a folder location in the box that does not have “temp” in its name, this may help. Also make sure the drive your temp folder is located on has at least 100 GB of space in case you want to edit your complete recording.

An alternative if a cleanup application is the problem is to File > Save Project As… before you start recording and choose your Desktop or your Music folder.


if it is Norton , why it delete’s the first 27 minutes ? some time ago it was about 38 minutes.

I will try this settings this weekend.

Thanks for the help !!!

see ya later

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