fine tune latency correction effect

I’m finding when overdubbing the resulting track always has to be fine tuned very small amounts with time shift no matter how well I try to set the value in prefs → “latency compensation”.
That neccessitates zooming in and using the mouse to time shift. You can’t see the value you started with and have to trial & error several times, listening to see if it sounds ok.
I would like this to be an effect like the “change tempo” where everything you need to make very small adjustments is right there and has preview

I think something long these lines is needed since linux has the problem of variable latency between sessions.
Maybe and auto-latency test that the user can run to get the latency and set it befoe starting to record?

I think Ardour has something like this.

That’s more likely when you use PulseAudio due to multiple layers of buffering. If you use Jack Audio System the latency should be exactly the same every time.