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Hi! Strangely, I cannot find out what the KPS rate is (or change it) for Audacity 3.5.1 I have a project that needs to be recorded at 192kps. There’s options for Hz, can’t find KPS, even in manual it’s not listed. I’ve actually recorded the project, so now I want to know if I need to convert it.


192 is the compression rate of the MP3 sound file you need to make to submit your voice to ACX for an audiobook. It’s not something that happens in the production process before that.

When you’re reading your work, Export as WAV and save as an Audacity Project as a safety backup. Do Not read directly into MP3.

When you finish announcing and editing and Exporting your perfect WAV Edit Master sound file, then File > Export the MP3 at 192-Constant compression setting.

Screen Shot 2024-06-12 at 6.32.16 PM


ACX wants things in chapter chunks, so Do Not try to read the whole book in one go or as one Project.

Are you trying for ACX?


Audacity 3.5 can have problems with large shows, so it’s good to make multiple backups as you go. Read through the first chapter and File Export your chapter as WAV— fluffs, bungles, mistakes, and all.

There’s a trick with mistakes. When you know you screwed up, leave Audacity recording, pause and look back to the last even sentence or thought break. Read through the correction and keep going. Do Not stop the recording and try to edit in the correction. That never works. Continuous recording helps the pitch, rhythm, and theater match. It’s also a snap to edit when you just have to delete the broken bits.

Some readers clap loudly or make a noise so they can more easily find the breaks later.

If you miss an error and have to go back tomorrow and record a correction, that correction is much harder to match the rest of the words.


We have production tools for ACX, so it’s good to know if that’s where you’re headed.


I actually had no trouble recording and editing in Audacity. But thank you for all those tips. I realize now that I’ll have to export to choose the KPS. I’ll be using the ACX platform but also Findaway Voices.

I used to be a sound recordist so I was yelling “cut” during my own takes! LOL


I think it’s still true that if you can pass ACX acceptance (not just ACX-Check), you can submit anywhere else.

Fair warning 3.5.1 can have ambush problems. It works swimmingly for weeks and then suddenly one day your last Project won’t open. And it’s permanently trashed.

Make sure you have perfect quality WAV backups of all your chapters.


Oh good to know about the possible Audacity issues, thanks. I’ve used it quite a lot but never for a project this big.

That’s how it works. It waits for a really important, large project and then blammo, right in the toilet.

Past the conspiracy theories, I don’t think 3.5 deals with running out of resources well. Its resource management is different from earlier versions.

We know Audacity makes a copy of The Whole Show every time you do an edit. If you have to Edit > UNDO because of a mistake, Audacity doesn’t try to unscrew the last edit, it just plays back the show before this one.

And it does that for each edit.

There is a “You have to know somebody” stealthy whispers in the back alley of a way to make Audacity forget all your previous edits and free up resources. It makes crashing much less likely.

Note!! It makes the current edit “Time Zero.” There is no going back if you didn’t make manual backups.

I have a copy of that here somewhere…


Good lord…
So after I wrote that about “everything is going fine”, what you said just happened!

It seems I’ve lost a whole chapter… AKA I was exporting the project and it got weird and now I can’t open that particular Audacity Chapter. And unfortunately it managed only to make 2.5 min of 16 min MP3.

IS there ANYWAY to get that project to open?? (It crashed before I could make a WAVE backup!)

I followed instructions here:

And it LOOKS like it worked. Going to actually listen to it now. WHEW!!

We assume you didn’t make the actual MP3 yet. There is an unfortunate assumption that all sound files are MP3. That gives you phrases like: “I’ll send you my MP3 in WAV format”…what?

Given how dangerous MP3s are, that’s not a good habit to get into.

MP3s are an end format you make for your portable music player for you to enjoy jogging on the beach, not a production step in the middle.

Unless you’re submitting for audiobooks…


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