finding stuff

is it possible to add links to audacity home
and the wiki as well as also perhaps other related places
on the forum pages at the top or
say next to the link for board index ?

That’s only possible for the forum administrator(s) and they want to keep the design and layout quite “clean”.
One of the easiest ways to keep track of topics that you are interested in is to use the “bookmark”/“favourites” feature in your web browser.

Whomper, if you click on the Audacity logo in the header at the top left of the forum window (present on every page),then that will go to audacity home - in a new window. And on that home page there is a direct link to the Wiki.

(But I have always done what Steve suggested).



had no idea that the logo was an active link too

clean is nice
but so is useful
forum messages mention wiki, manual, yada yada
would be nice for folks to be able to go there directly if desired

The links to “Tips” and “Tutorials” (in the forum header) go to the Audacity wiki.
The (new) link to “Documentation” goes to the Documentation page on the main Audacity web site - this page has links to much of the other documentation.
(and as waxcylinder pointed out, the logo links to the Audacity home page - this link is much easier to spot in text browsers).

In Firefox web browser you can have a bookmarks toolbar displayed. You can not only add bookmarks to this toolbar, but can also create folders and place your bookmarks in the folders on the toolbar. This makes it easy to organise your favourite links and have them quickly available whenever you need them.


it was unclear those were clickable links

Nor did I till Gale Andrews mentioned it recently in a posting :blush: :laughing:

Funny you should say that …

We’ve just been asking the forum administrators to make them more obvious (see ) and they did improve them a lot by increasing the type-face size. We all thought that was probably good enough - but obviously not :frowning: :unamused:


but they dont look like links
links should pop out by being a different color
and underlined like all links usually are

__Click for quick answers in our Tips, Tutorials and Documentation!

at the top its blue on blue
looks like decorations
or fades into obscurity and is ignored

its very pretty
but not intutitive

White perhaps?

I prefer links to be underscored - it’s not always the case but it is something of a [u]convention[/u].