Finding recording devince for Mac

Just loaded 3.3.3 into a MAC. Recording Device is grayed out. Speakers are playing audio but cannot record. What an I doing wrong? Thanks, Ed

Windows guy here. After plugging in a USB recording device, you may need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. Have you allowed Audacity microphone permissions ? See: Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support

I’m also a Windows guy…

If none of this helps, let the Mac guys know what you’re trying to record from… The built-in mic(?), a USB mic(?), an analog mic(?), a USB turntable(?), streaming audio(?), etc.?

Thanks for the help. I’m using a MAC and I have audio on my desktop. I play the audio through the MAC’s speakers and want to record this. It works great on a Windows machine, but the Audacity on the MAC need a “recording device,” which there is not one – just the speakers.

Yes - but not so well on a Mac. So Apple is in the music business so one might think they deliberately make it difficult to do this. Typically you would need some USB hardware (with at least line-in), and a loopback cable. Or some third party software can do this.

Or it could be they’re helping maintain the stability of their machines.

I’ve been using iShowU audio capture. It creates new sound pathways. Older software was SoundFlower.


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