Finding Project Data Folder and aup file

I’ve just started using Audacity to digitise old tapes.
I’ve recorded Elton John’s ‘Yellow Brick Road’ album and created a ‘Yellow Brick Road_data’ folder and have a Yellow Brick Road.aup file within this folder (along with sub folders for d0 to d06 and e00.

I now realise that I shouldn’t have moved these default files and folders from the ‘temporary files’ folder, but I created an Audacity Project Folder into which I moved all the above.

Now, when trying to open my Yellow Brick Road-aup file I get a message saying - Couldn’t find the project data folder: “Yellow Brick Road_data” (even though it’s viewable in the File Open window.

Could anyone help me with fixing this problem?
Many thanks,

You need to move the files back to their original locations. For future reference you should save the project to a named loation in a folder of your choice.

See this page on Project Files in the manual:

Actually when I transcribe tapes and LPs I never bother to Save an Audacity Project at all. Rather I just record the material perform any editing, place track markers and then export a set of WAV files. Then close the project without Saving it.

You may find this set of tutorials from the manual useful:


Thanks very much for this.
Do you happen to know where the default locations of these would have been - I’m afraid I can’t remember.

The _data folder and the .AUP file must be in the same location.
For example, if the project was saved as “mytest” then there will be a file called “mytest.aup” and a folder called “mytest_data”. The file and the folder must be side by side in the same directory.

The folder name must not be changed or Audacity will not be able to find it.

You can find wher your Audacity temporary directores are from : Edit > Preferences > Directories


Wouldn’t it be almost as quick to re-record?

And if it were me I’d probably buy the CD - Amazon UK sells it for a mere UK£5, or the MP3 downloads at £3.99