Finding highest peaks in a file?

Hey all. I used to use audacity years ago and i seem to remember a feature that would jump to and select the tallest peak in a file. This was very useful for finding stray peaks that were preventing me from amplifying the overall mix without setting off the clip detection.

Is this feature still in the program? I can’t seem to remember how to find it.


I don’t remember ever seeing that feature, but if it was in an early version of Audacity, the developers may have decided that it is no longer necessary.

There are several safeguards built into Audacity 1.3.5 to help avoid clipping. If you use the “Amplify” effect, it will not allow you to amplify the audio to a level that will cause clipping unless you also tick the “allow clipping” box.
Also, in the “View” menu, you can enable “Show Clipping” (be a bit careful using this - if you have a long recording with a lot of clipping, it will slow your machine down to almost a standstill).

If you just want to find the highest peak, there is a little trick that will do that. Select “Show Clipping” in the View menu, then select “Amplify” from the Effects menu. In the Amplify dialogue, enable “allow clipping” and in the “new peak amplitude” box enter a value of (positive) 0.1
Make sure that you are zoomed out sufficiently to see the whole track.
When you have seen where the peak is, you can make a note of the time position and then use Ctrl+Z to undo the Amplify command.