finding edited regions


After 20+ years of Pro Tools I have made the jump to a Mic Port Pro/Audacity setup. For the life of me I can not figure out where the regions are once I have edited them from a session! The answer is probably right in front of me; however, I am stumped!

In a Pro Tools session, when something is edited out of a recording it just shows up to the right of the mixing board in Regions. Not so with Audacity.

Any help will be so appreciated!!


ProTools and Audacity are very different types of program. ProTools is a “real-time DAW” (digital audio workstation) whereas Audacity is a wave editor (sample editor). The two types of program are as different as dance is from sculpture, a movie from a photograph, or a play from a painting. Consequently the concepts involved in using them effectively are quite different and you can’t really compare one with the other.

As a “wave editor”, you could perhaps think of Audacity as like a word processor for audio. When you use a command in Audacity, it is applied to the audio immediately. Commands can in most cases be applied either to the entire project, or just a selected part of it (which is referred to as a “selection”). For example, you can select and cut part of a track. Whereas in ProTools deleted audio is actually just “hidden”, in an editor, when a selection is deleted, it is deleted immediately (gone). Similarly if you apply an effect, the effect is applied immediately and changes the audio data immediately and permanently (though like in a word processor, you can use Ctrl+Z to undo the last action, and there are unlimited levels of undo).

You may find it useful to skim through a couple of the tutorials so as to get a feel for how it works: