Finding Data Files

Using Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.5 probably with .exe installer

I am hoping beyond all reason that you can help. We recorded an oral response into Audacity on one computer.
I saved the project ( I know I didn’t export it because I wasn’t ready to burn it to DVD immediately, our ultimate goal)
to my server folder and a thumb drive, but seem to have just the .aup folder without the data files. The folder size is 13KB.
Is this another clue that I’ve lost the data files? When logging off the computer, no data is saved, so I can’t go back to the original
computer to try to locate anything.

If we try to import Raw Data, and get what appears to be audio to show up in the Audacity screen, is there any chance that it’s our oral response?

The AUP file is a text file. It’s semi-English XML programming language.

It’s a list of instructions what Audacity should do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder. That’s where the actual sound is, in snippets and fragments.

I believe the AUP file is written last, so chances are terrific the _DATA folder was created…somewhere. Audacity would have tried to create them in the same location, directory or folder, and they would have had the same name.

Search the machine? It is possible for the virus protection program to eat parts of an Audacity show to “protect” you.

Did you use punctuation marks in the filename? Dates? Did you start the show name with a period? Has this ever worked?

Server Folder? Do you have a folder on your desktop that really exists on a computer somewhere else? Audacity doesn’t much like network-connected systems. It doesn’t understand network delays and negotiation.