Finding a sound snippet

I am digitizing some old language learning cassette tapes. Each lesson starts with “ping” (WAV file attached) which appears in both L and R channels. The other content, in English and Japanese, appears in only one channel, L and R respectively.

Is there some way to jump to the next occurrence of the ping? It would really help since I am adding labels at the start of each new lesson.


Possibly yes, though I’d need to experiment to find a reliable way of doing so.
Could you post a longer sample which includes some of the speech. MP3 or OGG format will be OK on this occasion.


Attached is ~30 second excerpt in MP3 format. The distinguishing feature is that the “ping” is equally present on both channels while the English and Japanese are distinctly limited to one channel or the other.

Thanks for looking into this!


  1. Duplicate the track. The original version will be there for listening to, the duplicate will be for making labels.
    To duplicate the track, select it (, then press Ctrl+D

  2. Select the duplicate copy only, and apply the “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” effect ( set to “Isolate Center”.

  3. With the processed track selected, apply “Sound Finder” ( with these settings:
    window-Sound Finder-000.png

  4. Delete the processed audio track (click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track.

You can now skip from one label to the next by selecting the label track, or an individual label, and pressing the Tab key.
For more information about labels, see: