Finding a missing .aup file

Here is the sad, sad situation.

I made a recording. I save projects in a google drive.

This recording I made with audacity. I thought I had saved the project. I think I didn’t or something. Or told the auto recovery to discard projects.

Now, in my google folder, I have the data folder and a file with the same name and .tmp

I think that may be the recovery version of the .aup?

Like, the folder is called carl 25 and the temp file is

Is that enough to prompt Audacity to do an autorecover? Is there a way to see if the .tmp file is useful for recovering the project?

Ok. I followed some advice I saw from Gale Andrews on other replies and I renamed the .tmp file as “autosave.” i asked audacity to openthat file and it produced this recovery message.
carl missing blocks.PNG
I chose leave as silence #2.

I listened to some of it and the wave forms are… weird. Some are slowed down and distorted. Some are very small and almost inaudible. And the missing ones?

Is it possible the recovered .tmp file would somehow change the wave forms? I listened to a few seconds when I was recording ant it sounded fine.

Is this still salvageable?
carl missing blocks.PNG

I save projects in a google drive.

I’m pretty sure that’s a shaky idea. It’s the same reason you shouldn’t use other internet or network connected drives. They don’t look like stable drives to Audacity.

You can store archive work up there to free space on your real drives, but probably not real time work. Someone may post with other ideas.


I think I didn’t save the project and then cancelled the auto recovery. I’ve done dozens like this without a problem.

But, overall, what you say makes sense. I had already found that for editing it’s better to make a copy on my hard drive.

I have collaborators for this podcast, so that is why at some point it needs to go in the cloud.

But, I was really hoping for thoughts on recovery… got anything. :blush:

got anything

No. I’m not a senior elf or a developer.



I changed the name of the .tmp file to match the data folder.

So, now I have carl 25.autosave and carl 25 the dat folder.

I asked audacity to open the autosave. The recording appears.

I go to save project and I get this error. Thoughts?

No, the disk isn’t full , by the way.
cant write carl 25.PNG