Findawayvoices Computer Narrated Audio

I got a rejection from my submission from findawavoices:
Computer Narrated Audio
checked the requirements still not sure what that means

Apparently, they think it’s computer generated text-to-speech and you’re not really reading.

Or… That’s what their computer “thinks”.

I can think of a way to get that rejection with a live voice. Apply a gate, noise reduction, or other software so that the spaces between words and sentences is absolutely dead silent instead of quiet natural environment noise or Room Tone.

Our ACX-Check audiobook application won’t pass that kind of voice, either.


I used clownfish and Super Voice Master to adjust pitch but the track passed the ACX check.

Then it knows your distribution of voice tones is in the wrong place. This came up in another recent forum post. Making you sound like a different person is not easy.


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