find temporary file

I appear to be using Audacity 1.2.6
I recorded a church service last night and as I pressed the ‘stop recording’ an error message appeared saying that the prog had stopped and would have to exit. Nothing I could do until that box was accepted and then the prog disappeared apparently losing an hour and a half of recording. On restarting the program I get a message saying ‘temporary file availble but Audacity can’t recover it but it can be found manually’. The problem is: how do I find it and where would it be stored, and then how do I get it back into the program please?

Unfortunately you have an obsolete version of Audacity and it often has that problem on modern versions of Windows .
Recovery may be possible but it is unlikely to be easy. Here’s the information that we have:

As you’ve probably guessed, you should upgrade to the current (2.0.1) version of Audacity before you attempt any more recording.

Thanks for your help, Steve. I managed to get a bit back but quality was terrible! I have upgraded as you suggested. Thanks again. Cheers, Mike