Find silence and insert more duration of silence

I have a simple recording of voice. I need to find the silence between the words and insert more duration of silence. How do I do it?

If it is true, flat-line, silence between the words you could use Audacity’s “Generate” silence to extend the silence.

However if the “silence” is not truly silent, (e.g. has faint hiss noise), then you’d be better off copying a bit of background hiss from the recording and pasting it between the words, e.g. attached, (If you inserted true silence rather than faint background hiss it will be easy to spot the join).

If the person was speaking too quickly it is possible to slow the tempo of the recording without changing the pitch with Audacity , however the result does sound weird, e.g. below …

Even if it is “true silence”, it is a lot quicker to paste a bit of “silence” multiple times, than to use “Generate Silence” multiple times. Once there is some “silence” copied to the clipboard it’s just a matter of “left mouse click” where you want the silence inserted, then “Ctrl+V” to paste.