Find Music Used

Hey, I’m trying to figure the name of the file I used that I imported into audacity. The audacity file is corrupt but I can still see the track, and I am trying to see if audacity saves the location which the file was in so I can get the name of it and search it back up online.

File > Recent Files.


That’s not what I mean. Okay so I had it on my computer but I opened up so many files and even switched computers so none of the recent files are still there. I am trying to find the name of the original MP3 file that got imported into Audacity

What Audacity file do you mean that is corrupt? An AUP file? In what way is it corrupt - can you see the blue waves? Perhaps we can fix that problem.

Audacity keeps no records of MP3 files imported, unless the project you imported the file into is still open (was never closed). If so, look in View > History… for the name.

Had it been a WAV or AIFF file and you had “read it directly”, so creating a dependency on the file, then the name of the dependent file and where it was would be at “aliasfile” in the saved AUP file and at File > Check Dependencies… in Audacity.