Final Mix of Recording

Hello… I have recorded a podcast that includes my vocal recordings and music. My question is… what is my last step?? Do I need to do anything else after I have my recordings and music? Is there some type of mixdown process that I should be doing? I want my recording to be right so I would appreciate any help?

If it sounds just the way you want it to then all you probably need to do is export your file as an mp3 or as a wav if you want. then post it on the web or burn it as a cd. It only takes a couple of clicks, audacity has made it pretty easy and there are tutorials to help.

If the sound is not as you want it and or it is too quiet or whatever then you can change that. Hard to tell what you want becasue you didnt give much info.

If youve got multiple tracks then you can mix the volume as you wish with the gain slider on the left of each track, under that slider is a slider to pan left and right, if youve got say two guitar tracks then put one left and one right if you like.

If the eq’s arent right then go into the effects menu and choose equaliser and fiddle with your settings until you get something that sounds as you want, add other effects such as reverbs with the Gverb option. there are lots of things you can do , compression , normalise, etc .

its really up to you, if you want help with any of the other options its probably best to post a specific question but i hope i have helped a little