i am a first time user (Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.2) and have been following the manual to digitise an album. The tracks are labelled OK but at the last drop down for export multiple tracks when it comes to “split tracks based on” I am not being offered the option of splitting by label. Tracks seems to have been pre checked and I canniot shift it. The project will only export with the whole album as a single track. Can anyone help

How are you creating your labels? I just checked on my machine. If I have no labels, the Export Multiple “Label” option is grayed out, but not if I have at least one label.

What do you mean, “the last drop down” ?

Do you want to post a screenshot of your project? (Tools > Screenshot)

Thanks for getting back.

I have attached a screenshot (screenshot 4) of the project with the labels just before at the point where I select file/export miltiple MP3. The manual says to click on the “split files based on labels” button but that is greyed out so the only option is “split files based on tracks”. If I carry on from there it saves the album as one long file with no labels.

I followed the manual on labelling carefully but despite several goes I always get to this point.It is this drop down which I meant as the final drop down. I must have made a mistake but I cannot see it.The relevant bit of the manual is headed Export Multiple and the bit showing the relevant drop down is attached as screenshot 3 and you can see where in the manual “split files based on labels” is shown. Everything has been as per the manual uintil I get here where that option is greyed out. I must have done something wrong but despite multiple attempts I cannot spot it.

Thanks again and hope you can seee my error!
Screenshot (4).png

OK, there is nothing in your screenshot that pops out at me. If you want to zip up your .aup3 file, upload it to a public server and PM me a link to it, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

Other than that, you can try Tools > Reset Configuration; restarting Audacity, etc. Perhaps someone else will have an idea.

Can you please post an image of the problem Export Multiple dialog.

The labelled project looks just fine to me.


Being new to forums I am not sure if this a reply to both the last posts or not! In any case thanks again.

To Jademan: The only way I know of getting the project to you on a public server is by Google Drive but I think for that I need your email address.

To Waxcylinder: Thanks for your post. Did you want to see the last drop down menu? i could not get a screen shot of the menu as it appeared in the project but here is a screenshot of it from the manual which has “labels” checked as it should be but in my project is greyed out. Is that what you meant by the export multiple dialogue?

Apologies for being a bit of a dodderer on IT.
Screenshot (3).png

Many people use dropbox.

Some people have luck using Tools > Screenshot > “Wait 5 seconds and capture…” > Capture Full Window, then quickly Do Files > Export > Export Multiple. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

Some people have a “prt sc” key on their keyboard, which copies the screen to the clipboard. Ctrl+V will bring it up in Paint.

Thanks both for your advice on my post. I had another go from scratch and when I gave the “track” (ie the whole didgitised album) a name on the lower left hand panel of the project and then did the labels via edit it went ahead OK. Thanks again for your time and apologies for what I suspect was a rookie error.

I noticed that you had renamed your label track and I tested that earlier but it didn’t break anything on my machine.

Glad to hear that everything is working OK for you now. :smiley: