Ok I’m trying to add Filterjam VST on Audacity and it’s not working! Can you do something about it?

…It appears to be a 64-bit plug-in and the Windows version of Audacity is 32-bits so it may not work.

It’s the plug-in developer’s responsibility to make their plug-in work with various hosts. For example, if you go to the Auto Tune website you’ll see a list of supported DAWs. If Audacity isn’t officially supported it still might work but if it doesn’t “you can’t complain.” Antares (Auto Tune) goes one step further with a list of incompatible hosts (and Audacity is on the incompatible list).

With free VSTs it’s usually hit-or-miss because they don’t have the budget or manpower to test & debug with every DAW/VST host.

Commercial VSTs frequently don’t officially support Audacity, presumably because most Audacity users won’t pay for them anyway. And, there may be incompatibilities between open-source software and certain copy protection schemes such as iLok.

Thank you. I figure that was the case