Filtering Step for 78s

I am getting the hang of digitizing my 78s (of various conditions) but am a bit unclear on this step:

  1. Then deal with the low frequency noise - select a “noise sample” from the current audio track (that is, a section of the recording that is surface noise only) and copy it to a new track. Use Analyze > Plot Spectrum to see the frequency content of the noise. Use the Low-Pass Filter effect on this noise sample to isolate the lower frequency noise, (for a very rough and ready setting, try a roll-off of 12 dB per octave at a cutoff frequency of 1,000 Hz). Then open Effect > Noise Reduction, select the low-passed noise sample and choose “Get Noise Profile”. Finally, select the original track, open Noise Reduction again, choose the slider settings and run the effect.

So the question is how do I apply the info from the Plot Spectrum when doing the Low Pass Filter effect on the noise sample? Thank you.

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