Filtering Out an Instrumental

Hey guise! Inaugural post here with a query :smiley:

I’ve got a song that I want an instrumental from. Both of them are demos, so neither has an official release. One of them is sung by the artist, the other one sung by the song’s writer as a demo for aforementioned artist; the song never made it to the intended album.

From my POV, the instrumental used is exactly the same. However, the vocals are different (obviously, that they’re two people, but there’s an occasional difference in the timing of some adlibs, and for the second verse, the writer demo repeats lyrics from the first verse, while the artist’s demo has a complete second verse. both share the same bridge/chorus).

is there a way to extract the shared instrumental while cancelling out the different vocals, so what’s left is the shared instrumental of the song?

thanks for the help and bearing with me :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

That’s not a standard tool: If both are the same do this, if they’re different do that, but I think someone wrote software that would do that for someone else who asked the same thing.

You do need to know that these things tend not to work well with MP3 downloads. The compression process messes up the identity of the two songs. The two instrumentals aren’t exactly the same. That’s usually deadly because it’s not a simple decision any more. Now it’s: “Is this trumpet similar enough to that trumpet?” That’s the kind of thing that gives you a control panel with six sliders.


Although they are different singers they are hitting the same notes at about the same time.
So choosing frequencies common to both performances will include a composite singer , (so not instrumental).

Trying the usual karaoke-techniques with either rendition, (not both simultaneously), would be a better bet , but no guarantee the result will be instrumental.