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I am an old user and would like to upload an attachment of a clip. I’m not very happy with the bunch of red tape that we now have.

Yes, well. The problem is of millions of people who would love to jump on here and sell us Amazing Investment Opportunities and Screen Doors in Moscow. The forum makes you try multiple times, and converse with us a bit before it lets you post content.

When the path opens up, you should be able to click on the upload icon (bar and up-arrow) and it will let you post stuff.


While you’re waiting, you might compile some info. We have to build your system in our imaginations to do effective troubleshooting, so we need your goal and how you intend to get there. Are you reading an audiobook? We have tools and software to help.

Are you transferring old cassettes?

Let us know.


There is a note or two. The forum will not accept content over 4MB, so no, you can’t post a book chapter.
Post audio work in perfect quality WAV rather than compressed MP3 or other format. If you have a sound quality issue, we may not be able to tell whether you have an actual problem, or you just made the MP3 wrong.

A recent poster had that problem. Never do production in MP3.


There is now an audio-host associated with Audacity:

It has the advantage that long audio files can be uploaded.

But Zoz! I mean “Koz!” This is jebbers, yer ol’ buddy bud. Doncha people bemeber me?

I forgot selling us Kitchen Cabinets in Manchester. That’s a running joke.


Thank you sir, you made my day

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