Filtering frequencies - more precise

I want to be able to completely cut a particular range of frequencies, mute them, but not alter the ones around it. For example, I want to cut frequencies 438-442 but leave 437, 436, 435, etc. in tact.

Filters, to my knowledge, use a sloping algorithm so that the frequency you select as one you want to notch gets decreased the MOST and many others around it will be decreased SOME. But I want more vertical lines drawn.

Now the Equalization tool is perfect, but very inexact. I think it will suffice at the end of the day, but maybe there is something better. The problem with it is that it is all graphically and it’s hard to get a specific range like 438-442 (to my knowledge) without accidently doing 420-460 or something.

Any suggestions?

Try the Notch filter.

– Bill