it would be good to display the filter different or categorize them the way it is now is really not good

You what … ??? :confused:


Use the filter Amplify on any audio, then use the filter Wave shaper (at the very bottom) and then use auto duck and tell me how long you spend scrolling…

The list is in alphabetic order. Open the menu and type the first letter of the effect name to quickly scroll to it. If there is more than one effect with the same first letter, press the same key again to move to the next one.

Ah, now I see - there is a feature request and proposal on the Audacity wiki relating to this:

Would you like us to add your vote?

The other thing you can do with the later versions of Audacity is to set keyboard shortcuts for effects that you commonly use - see:


I’ll count it as a vote for “Effects categorisation” if andreas84 does not reply again.