filter gates

Hi - I am new to audacity. I am aware of the noise reduction facility but I would like to know whether the program is able to have a frequency filter eg filter everything below 6ooHz out, and filter everything out above say 9000Hz out ie have a gate that only allows requencies between these settings?? Is this possible or are there other free software packages that might enable me to do this??
Many thanks

Don’t confuse filtering and gating. Filtering is sensitive to frequencies or pitches of tones or music. Gating is sensitive to how loud things get.

The tools only work after you select some audio.

If you want hard frequency cutoffs, you can apply both the High-Pass and the Low-Pass filters and set them for whatever pitch you want. Effect > High-Pass Filter…

For some really complicated reasons, you can get into trouble with hard cut filters like that, but you can get a more graceful affect with Effect > Equalization… Pull the window as large as it will go to get good detail. The blue line is a rubber band.

I don’t think Audacity has any gate tools.


Kos - thanks for your technical comments - I shall have a go atb them tomorrow and get back toy ou??

thnx again