Filter for loudness and softness

Hey all, I have a series of about 40 mp3s in stereo. All of them have a bit of music at the beginning and end, with speech in between. The music is about 2x louder than the speech, and some parts of the speech are about 1.5 louder than the rest of it.

The default effects I’ve tried seem to either make the entire file louder or softer, and the normalizer effect doesn’t normalize it enough (unless I’m using the wrong options).

I could manually control the levels in each file, but I’d rather not do that to 40+ files. Does anyone know any tips to make it a bit more automated?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Amplify and Normalize do not change the work within the show. Just the overall show.

Try Chris’s Compressor.

That’s a broadcast compressor and is designed to even out voices and music inside the show. It does make the show louder, so you need to know that. There may be a way to change that, but it works so well naturally I never bother.