Filter Curve Setting Issue


I’m making changes to my bass boost and treble boost in the Filter Curve drop down in Audacity. For some reason when I hit “OK” it’s not making the adjustments… any idea why? It was working fine for the longest time, now it’s not working.

Do you mean that it is not applying the filter?
What is it doing?

Exactly…it isn’t’ applying the filter. When I click “OK” after I make my adjustments… nothing happens.

Very strange! Just to be sure… Did you select the whole file?

Have you tried some “extreme” settings?

Are you working with a regular full-range music file on good speakers/headphones where you’re likely to hear differences?

A good way to test EQ effects is to generate some “White noise” (“Generate menu > Noise”) with an amplitude of say 0.5.
You should see the waveform change when the filtering is applied, and can also see a change in the frequency domain if you use Track Spectrogram view (see: