filter convolve

My question concerns the filter convolve. It is thus necessary to write a code as this one for exemple:

(abs-env (convolve (osc c4 4) (cue s)))

The sound “s” corresponds to the response. (convolve sound response) .
When I apply this code, I observe this: A sinusoidal wave ( c4 4) is preceded and followed by the response.
My question is the following one: does the filter convolve simply serve to copy at the beginning and at the end of a sound, an audio fragment (the response)?
Thank you for your answer.

No. The function CONVOLVE convolves two signals.

(convolve sound response)
In your example, (osc c4 4) is a 4 second duration sine wave and is the “sound” of the convolve function (the first signal). “s” is the selected track audio - that is the “response” (the second signal) of the convolve function.

The purpose of the function is to perform convolution