Filter based on profile


Is it somehow possible to filter based on a audio sample frequency analyses.

With this i mean:

For the sake of argument, u have a exact drum (analyses shows 300 or something different frequencies). You will load this drum sample and filter the audio track on every spot this profile does exist.


That’s basically what Noise Reduction does.

The noise reducer works in two steps. Get A Profile where you expose the tool to the evil sound, and then Apply The Correction where it tries to remove the evil sound from the show.

Only the tool in Audacity 1.3 works. Don’t bother with the one in 1.2.

Now that I have your hopes up, I can tell you that this rarely works right. The more highly compressed the show is (YouTube Downloads) the worse it works. The more rich and lush the evil sound is, the worse the remaining show will sound, etc.

This is a cousin to the request to add/isolate/remove vocals from a mixed show.

Somebody will luck out on a particular music work and then publish the results. 5,000 people then go out and try to do it with different sound clips and fail.

Good luck.



In my humble opinion not.

Let say: you have a demo program which produces a beeb ever so what seconds.

And afterwards you want to remove that beep.

With noice reduction, the frequencies are analyzed and stripped from a file.

That is not what i need, i need only the frequencies removed if the unique print is there and only that print should be removed.



Like Pamela?

<<<With noice reduction, the frequencies are analyzed and stripped from a file.>>>

Yes. that’s basically what happens.


Some of the more talented editors will drop in, but the only way I know to do that is to select each beep manually and then apply the reduction. Audacity doesn’t have really good cursor management. I don’t think there is any way to tell it to look for a particular frequency and go there.

Even if everything goes perfectly, you may still get a click at the beginning and the end of each beep. This is the same problem of people who want to remove the drums or trumpets from a mixed performance.

You should not be doing any of these tests in Audacity 1.2.