Fill the gaps

Frequency choice: no fractions allowed
Interpolation: Linear, Logarithmic, Period, Mel, Bark, ERB
Volume scale: logarithmic only (horrible contrast)
Issues: no fractions allowed in frequency, no linear volume scale (like 0% is black, 25% is dark gray, 50% is gray, 75% is light gray and 100% is white).

Tones and chirps:
Frequency choice: no less than 1 allowed
Interpolation: Linear, Logarithmic
Volume scale: linear
Issues: no less than 1Hz allowed, no period frequency scale.

Are you really too lazy to fill the gaps, and instead request us all to learn Nyquist programming language? I don’t want to learn Nyquist just for a number.

As Audacity does not comply with your peculiar specifications you should demand a refund.

Audacity is free, how can I get a refund?