Filetype Size


I recently upgraded from 2.0.5 to the 3.0.2 to fix a bug with some music files that wouldn’t load properly. While I could still open my prievous .aup files, I couldn’t save changes made to them unless I save it as a new .aup3 file. This all well and good, but then I noticed that the new filetype takes up a lot more space than the prievous one, as you can see on the image below. I had not made that many changes ever since editing Emissaries to Malastare part 3 under the updated Audacity build, and it has still increased in size by almost two thousand times. Is there any way to deal with this Issue?
Audacity File Size.PNG

It’s because with the old format the AUP file is just a project manager - the data for the project is an an associated data folder with lots of little 6 second audio clip files.

With AUP3 projects all the data is consolidated into a single database file. the size in both cases should be very similar.


Thank you so much!!! I didn’t concider that, but now that you say it, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the help!

There’s some other features that I miss, such as the presets for reverb and equalizer (like the reverb had a church or bathroom preset or the equalizer had telephone or radio). Is there any way to get those back?

Click on the “Manage” button, then select “Factory Presets” (See: