Files won't play - help


I’ve never used Audacity before and have zero audio training, I’m a trying to listen to some files for work and transcribe them and they’ve been sent to me as Audacity files. I went online and downloaded “Audacity 2.1.1-screen-reader .dmg file (38.6 MB, accessible version and for OS X 10.5, includes help files)” but when that didn’t work I tried “Audacity 2.1.2 .dmg file (33.1 MB, includes help files)”. When I try to play my files I keep getting an error message saying the files cannot be found, then a second one saying the file cannot be loaded. Help? Very much a novice here.

What files are you trying to open? An AUP Audacity project file you saved? An MP4 file from iTunes? If you are using File > Open Recent, Audacity does not keep track if you delete, move or rename the files you previously used in Audacity.

You can still use File > Open… or File > Import > Audio… to look for the files.

You must not delete, move or rename AUP files or their _data folders until you are finished with the project and have exported a final WAV, AIFF or MP3/MP4 file.