files won't open. windows 10

when I go to files>open and choose an audacity file to open, it says ‘error importing’ and advises that I use the files>open command…even though that’s exactly what I’m doing!

That can happen if the project’s “.aup” file is corrupt.

What happens when using the “open” command:

  1. Is the selected file a valid Audacity Project (.aup file).
  2. If yes, open it.
  3. If not a valid .aup, try to import it as an audio file.
  4. If can’t be imported with built-in importers, try importing with FFmpeg
  5. If can’t be imported with FFmpeg, perhaps FFmpeg is not available.

Step 5 is a bit iffy. It would be better if it checked to see if FFmpeg is actually installed, and also check if the file extension is “.aup”, and then give an appropriate error message, but the assumption is that corrupt .aup files don’t happen very often.

If you attach the .aup file to your reply, I can check to see if it is corrupt. See here for how to attach a file to your post: