Files Too Large

My MP3 files are too large. I’ve read your instructions but this screen & button is not in Export under File: “To compress the MP3 to a still smaller file (at the cost of further quality loss), choose “MP3 Files” in the Export File window, press the Options button then reduce the bit rate in the “Quality” dropdown.” Where is it?

Thanks for your help.

Here’s the manual page for the Export dialog in Audacity 2.0:

In order to export to MP3 you must first install the LAME MP3 encoding software:

– Bill

Thank you. I have always had Lame installed (and just reinstalled just in case) and can easily save MP3. But they save at 128 which is a huge file for a website. I need a smalled size. I’ve read your manual and fully understand what it says.

My problem is that I have no OPTIONS button. There is none in the dropdown menus and there is none when the MP3 saving dialog boxes are opened.

Where do I find it?


Look in the “Help menu > About Audacity”.
Which version of Audacity do you have?

It’s 2.0


In that case there IS and “options” button.

Depending on your version of Windows the Export screen may be slightly different but it should look similar to this:

If it doesn’t, please post a screenshot of what it does look like.