files recorded to CD not playing on car cd player

Thanks for you time. I have Windows 7 ultimate… also i am kind of a computer virgin (lol). I have audacity installed on my computer… When I record a song from youtube to audacity and I save it to WAV file and I try to burn it to a cd, the cd works on the computer and plays but when I put the cd into my car cd player , I get nothing. What do I have to do to be able to play the recorded Audacity file to cd in my car cd player. Thanks for your time and help.

There are two ways to burn stuff to a CD. You made a Data CD on which you can put anything that will fit. It’s a flat, shiny hard drive. You could have put your music file, a Photoshop picture and an Excel spreadsheet if you wanted. None of that will play on a standard Music CD Player, but your computer is able to pick out the music file and play that as a file, not as a Music CD.

The same as if you had played the music file from your hard drive or thumb drive.

You can also make a Music CD. Somewhere in the burning process, you should have been able to make the decision which to use. Music CD is a very special format. It’s music-only, very, very good quality and it will only hold 78 minutes of music. It will play on any Music CD player and any computer.

This is what the decision looks like on my computer. See where you can click on Data or Audio?

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 10.27.12 PM.png

On Windows, you should be able to burn a Music CD in Windows Media – about which I know nothing.