files goes in ok but comes out with silences added


I am a new user of audacity and think it pretty much kicks ass… i have used it lately to remove noise from certain tracks which is caused by analog fx. So i get a noise profile from the end of the track which contains no music and knock the noise down across the whole track. Works really well… Now sometimes i export files and there are small gaps of silence in the tracks that were not there before. It is the same file in both parts of the screen shot, saved on two different occasions. I have an album of 16 songs i am working on, and have used audacity on all of them (not all using noise reduction mind you) and this has affected 10 of my files. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

am on windows 10
8gb ram
93gb free space

Screen Shot 11-08-17 at 02.36 PM.PNG

“small gaps” could be “skipping” : Audacity being interrupted by another process on the computer …
Increasing the CPU-priority of Audacity to “above normal” is worth a try …

Let’s just clarify - Is that showing-up after noise reduction or only after exporting?

If it’s happening during exporting, what format are you exporting to?

If it’s happening when you export to WAV, that’s pretty foolproof and I knida’ suspect your hard drive is going bad. (I’ve never had that happen, but I did once have a hard drive that was randomly “scrambling” parts of audio files in strange ways.)

“small gaps” could be “skipping” : Audacity being interrupted by another process on the computer …

That only applies during recording or playback. Nothing else Audacity does is real-time and if a process gets interrupted, it’s just comes-back to it later.

i am not 100% sure if the gaps appear prior to export or after noise reduction. all tracks are exported in wav format. the laptop is a year old and was bought new… will try a few more tests and get back to you.