files all mixed up

We recently recorded an hour long interview for a school assignment. When we went into the folder where we saved the files the program created 3 different folders. each folder had several au files in them. The files are totally mixed up and in no certain order. We can not understand the file names either, several examples are :

All of the file names and numbers are completely random, We have tried to see a sequence but there is nothing we can decipher from all this. We have attached a screen shot of the contents of one of the folders;

Audacity made about 100 separate files for our project, and we need to have them in order form the beginning to end. Can anyone help us with fixing this and getting everything back in order?

Thank you
Michael C

We are running MAC 10.8.2
Audacity 2.0.2
Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 5.43.11 PM.png

See here:

You made a Project instead of a sound file. Open the show by double-clicking on the AUP file and File > Export as WAV – the Audacity default. Don’t touch anything else. Koz

thank you guys for you reply’s but neither one has helped me. I am not an expert user so this probably won’t be easy for me.

Is it possible to import all the files back into the Audacity program? Will that put them all in order? Then export again as wave file?

I cannot find the “show” option you mention,
thanks so much

What name id you save the project as?
If you can’t remember, what is the folder called that has the folders in it that contain the .au files? (it will end with “_data”)

That’s what double clicking on the AUP file does. What name did you give the show? There should be a file called that name followed by .aup. Double click that file and the whole show should come back in Audacity.


Ok thank you all, i think we have figured it out, much appreciated