File won't play from desktop

Hi, first post longtime lurker.

Just got a new TT and downloaded 2.0. Using Win 7 and Chrome I recorded some of my 80’s EPs.The WAV file was around 12 minutes. I exported them as a MP3 to my desktop and they show as having data in the files. But when I click on them nothing plays. The courser shows it moving through the file but its like there is no info in it even though it shows there is data there.
Any ideas? I don’t mind re-recording them just trying to get used to the new version. Thanks for any help!!!

Perhaps it’s this:

Nope, didn’t work. I think I will just try converting it again. Heck the vinyl needs cleaning again anyway! :wink:
I did not mention in my first post that I am using a ART Phono Plus after reading the recommendations on here. Seems to work really well. I do like having the ground and the gain control right there in front of you.