File Will Not Open


I am unable to open a recording in audacity. At first, I got the message that audacity was unable to parse the information. I attempted to do the solution posted that used BD Browser to switch the project and autosave files. Unfortunately, the file still will not open and causes audacity to stall and crash whenever I attempt to open it. I no longer get an error message. Would it be possible to retrieve the file?

Probably not. However, as before, if you wish to zip it up and upload it, I’ll take a look at it and see.

P.S. You really need to be backing up your data on a regular basis.

Just walking into this cold, you have an unstable system.

my external hard drive disconnected while using audacity

Remember that? Do you know why that happened? External hard drives don’t disconnect themselves. I have never had an error like that and I have a large number of external backup drives—some on laptops.

However, as before

There’s another alarm bell. Jademan doesn’t often use words like “upload it like we did last time.”

We did have one poster who got himself out of trouble by cleaning out his internal drive. He doubled his available free space and many of his instabilities and much of his damage vanished.

Do you have a picture of your internal drive on the screen? Right Click or Control-Click > Get INFO. Post a picture of the info panel.

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 9.28.17 PM.png
Do you know why your external drive disconnected? An error like that can cause some very serious problems.

If this is a laptop, how long can you run on batteries—disconnected from wall power? Over ten minutes?



This file is an old case that I have been trying to fix. Since Jademan last helped me I have cleared space on my laptop and no longer have any issue. This post was in hopes that I could save this file as I followed the instructions posted on how to fix the initial issue I had. I recently bought a new laptop to ensure that I will have all the space I need going forward. Even so, I tried open the file on this new laptop and audacity still cannot open it.

I apologize for the inconvenience. It was never my intention to come off as unappreciative of Jademan’s time and I have done everything in my power to prevent any trouble after we last spoke.

Please see my previous post.