file will not let break it up into chapters.

I am trying to break a large book file .mp3 into separate chapter files. I get about halfway through and I reach a point that select will no longer work. Help. What can stop it from being able to select and export?

a large book file .mp3 into separate chapter files.

Are you publishing or listening?

When you edit in Audacity, some actions may require Audacity to save the whole show as UNDO. If you have a massive production file, Audacity may just run out of room.

You will probably need to divide the show up into major blocks (half, quarters) and then split them into chapters.

Depending on where you got the show from, you may find that the chapters don’t sound as good as the purchase or download. When you produce a new MP3, the compression sound damage goes up and you can’t stop it. That’s only an inconvenience for listening, but if you’re publishing, the work may fail audiobook compression standards.

There are software packages that can split up a large MP3 into smaller ones without additional damage. MP3SPLIT can do that.