File switching when clicking on gain slider

Hey guys
Im using the latest audacity version (3.2.4) and I am on Windows 10 Pro version 22H2.

Ok so. I have two (or can be more) projects opened (so basically audacity’s windows). Whenever i try to adjust the gain on project 2,3,whatever is after the first one ONLY FOR THE FIRST TRACK of that project, audacity automatically jumps back to the previous project. So let’s say im trying to adjust the volume gain of the first track on project 3, audacity automatically jumps back on project two. It happens only once tho, if i go back to project three and adjust then the audio gain, it doesn’t make the backwards jump to project 2

I tried to look all over for an option to tick to not let that happen, but it still happens. Any help on how i can resolve this issue because it’s really frustrating. It’s not something major but it really annoys me having for no reason jump back to previous project opened.

Thanks in advance.

This is a known and logged bug:

Windows: Hovering over the meters of an unfocussed project window brings that window to the front - original project retains focus #4094


Oh ok, thanks Peter :smiley:

Hopefully that nasty bugger gets squashed with the next update hehe.

Thank you so much again. Take care and have a great day.