File sound

I’m using a TTUSB Numark turntable, Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.1. I’m not able to download files with sound. Actually I have not encountered this problem with previous Windows XP systerm.
Thanking you for attention. Regards.
Sergio Beretta

In all cases, Windows has to know about your turntable before Audacity starts. Put Audacity away and restart the computer with the turntable plugged in. Start > Control Panels > Sound > Recording and see if there is a setting for USB Sound Device or some words like that. Make sure it’s selected. Go to the Playback side and make sure the speakers are selected. Sometimes USB systems “capture” the playback system.

Then Start Audacity and use the toolbar for recording to make sure the same device is selected.

Play something. Click once inside the red recording meters and they should bounce in time to the music (without making a recording).