File Sizes too Large

I like to edit a lot of my music in Audacity, sometimes for school projects. I also prefer to export all my projects as .aiff files, because they just work the best for me. But there’s a problem. Whenever I export a file, its size is often many times larger than it originally was. Say for example, I import a song that’s 6 MB in size. All I do is change the pitch a bit, cut out a couple of bits, and then I export it, nothing more. Oftentimes, it’ll come out being well over 40 or 50 MB in size.

Why is this? How and why does a song go from being 6 MB to 50 MB just from some minor tweaking? More importantly, is there any way to fix this? If I tweak a 6 MB song, I expect the export to be roughly 6 MB too, unless maybe I do some more major work on it. Is there any way to make this happen without having to sacrifice audio quality? If not, why?

If you are importing a lossy size-compressed format like M4A or MP3 then exporting to a lossless uncompressed format like AIFF, naturally the file size will increase. There is no “solution”.

If you are already importing AIFF, don’t increase the project rate bottom left of Audacity, and export at the same bit depth, not higher such as 24-bit or 32-bit.