File Size

Windows 7 Version 2.1.1


Is there any way to make it when you save a file as a AUP to reduce the size of the AU folder. I have a 270mb mp3 and put it in audacity.The AUP file size is 600kb and the folder with the AU files in is 3.78gb.Any way to reduce this.

Thanks Hayden.

You can save a compressed copy of the project, but note that this will reduce the sound quality to some extent. See:

What are you doing where project size is a problem?

If you are sharing files, it’s usually best to share/upload/download lossless audio files (such as WAV or FLAC) unless you really need to share the project.

A 16-bit FLAC is usually about 2-4 times the size of the MP3.

BTW - If possible, it’s best to avoid MP3 during “production”. As you may know, MP3 is lossy compression. When you open an MP3 in Audacity (or any “normal” audio editor) it gets decompressed. If you re-export to MP3 (or another lossy format) you are going through another lossy compression step.

If your original is MP3, you may not have a choice but you should try to minimize the number of times you lossy-compress.

You can do some limited editing with [u]mp3DirectCut[/u] which does not decompress/re-compress the file.