File saved seperately

Hi - I have just used Audacity for the first time and have seemed to have saved the file as a e00 which has meant that it has saved it in 6 sec sections seperately.
ie - there is over 1 hr 1/2 recording that is in different folders that I have to open each at one time in 6 second lots - so you can do the math on how many seperate folders there are. Is there a way of compiling these into one? and creating an MP3 file with all the recording in one folder?

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Sorry - I am struggling to sort this out - can I get on skype and have someone talk me through it???

Cheers… :confused: :confused:

Saving an Audacity project lets you save unfinished work and re-open it later in Audacity exactly as it was, with all edits and recorded/imported tracks preserved, but it does not create an audio file that can be played in any other program.

To create a normal audio file that can be played in other programs you need to Export. Export creates an audio file like WAV or MP3.

The exact steps for exporting are slightly different in Audacity 1.2.6 and Audacity 1.3.12 but you’ve not posted in either of those forum sections so I don’t know which version you are using. However in both cases the Export command is in the File menu. If you need exact steps, please say which version of Audacity you are using (look in the Audacity “Help menu > About Audacity”), and what operating system you are using (for example “Windows Vista”).

By the way, Skype can cause problems with Audacity, so when using Audacity ensure that Skype is fully closed and not running in the background.

Hi -

I ave audacity 1.3 - and I accidentally saved the file as a .wav file, which means that in my recording of a complete 1 and an hour recording, it has saved it in a whole file, which opened up in each folder - it is saved in 8 second lots, where I have to open each file seperately in order to get the information. So in order to listen to the recording, I need to open each 8 sec lot one by one! Is there a way that I can resave the folder to be able to save it in a different way so that it will open all together.


You don’t have to open each file separately. Ignore those little 8-second files. You’re not supposed to touch them or even care that they exist. They are not your project. The file ending in “.aup” is your project. Open the “.aup” file and Audacity will stitch all of those 8-second bits together for you. That’s how it works.

– Bill

I cant ignore it as its the only type of file that comes up to open - when I click open - it comes up as the folder - I cant find it to open another way - can we skype this so you are able to talk through how to do it? if there is anything you can do something it would be great, thankyou

Have you read the page that I posted a link to in my first reply?
Which part are you struggling to understand?

You are talking to volunteers anywhere from the UK to Los Angeles. This is not a professional help desk.

What computer and operating system are you running? Telling us that will help us help you.

When you click File > Open, what do you see?

Do you have a file anywhere on your hard disk ending in “.aup”?

When you say you “accidentally save is as a .wav file”, what do you mean? Where is that .wav file? Can you open it in Audacity?

– Bill

can we please skype it - no one is understanding what I need to do - I need to change the file from a folder (.wav) to a readable file that all the information can be listened to a the one time. THere are no other files under this one that I saved as I saved under a .wav file without knowing what would happen.
thankyou - if there is something you could do something - that would be great,
thanks again

when I click open in audacity - it open as a folder, then I open that one, then there is another folder and then another - until I have it in 8 second folders that i have to open seperately. ANd no I can not find a file ending in .aup - i didnt realise that the default setting went straight to .wav and that it would save the way it has.

When you open the folder that contains the folders that contain the 8-second audio files, what is the name of that folder? It should end with “_data”. For example, if the name of that folder is “project_data” then somewhere there must be a file with the name “project.aup”.

When you click on File > Recent Files, what do you see? Is your project in that list?

I need to change the file from a folder (.wav) to a readable file that all the information can be listened to a the one time. THere are no other files under this one that I saved as I saved under a .wav file without knowing what would happen

We don’t understand what you mean by that. A “.wav” is a file, not a folder. Did you change the extension when you saved the project? That is, did Audacity offer to save your project as (for example) “project.aup”, and you changed it to “project.wav”?

– Bill

Sorry - just got that last reply Bill - sorry I didnt realise it wasn’t a help desk! appologies big time!!

I will just have to try and bumble through it…

We can still have a dialog, just not on skype.

Part of that dialog is for you to answer our questions - things like what operating system, what version of Audacity are standard - but also my questions such as the one about the _data folder and such. If you can give us the answers to those questions we’ll probably be able to help you.

– Bill

Hey Bill -

Thankyou for your reply - It is saved as a _data and I have actually just done a search and found the file in the _aup -
thankyou sooo much - I am so excited that I dont have to now do the interviews again.