File>Save Project>produces error message and won't save.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit with SP-1; using v. 2.0.0 of Audacity, installed via the .exe installer.

I just recorded my first project (digitizing an LP) and it appeared to go just fine until I went to save it. Using File>Save Project, I was given the window in which to save it, and assigned a name for the file/project. Then, when I clicked “Save”, I received an error message saying that it could not be saved, and adding that “perhaps” the file was not writable, or the disc was full (disc is not even close to being full). Just out of curiosity, I aborted, then went back and attempted to open the project, and noted that while the .aup file did not appear, the data file did appear there. I’m new to Audacity, so I am unaware of what can cause a project to be unwriteable or incapable of being saved. I suspect it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I couldn’t find any answers in the manual or FAQ’s; in fact, the procedure I used in my attempt to save was exactly what was described in the manual. Hope you can help. Thanks.

What was the exact filename?